Team DyNAmics

Improve team engagement and motivation. Enhance communication and effective relationship-building. Create greater self-awareness and awareness of others.

Team DyNAmics is a performance measurement and reporting tool, aimed at helping teams generate a tangible understanding of what drives team effectiveness.

The report is generated and automated using the process of identifying team members and generating/receiving questionnaire responses and offers a measurable way to understand on a more “data-based” level, where a team can improve. It helps address four questions that form off the back of a team mapping/development workshop session:

  1. What observations can you make from this team?

  2. What are its strengths?

  3. Where are the development points for them and you to work with?

  4. What actions can and should be taken?

Cartoon image of Team Dynamics by Corporatewise
Team Dynamics Profiles by Corporatewise

The Team DyNAmics profile can be stand-alone, or combined with: 

  • Personal profile identifying your communication style, how you communicate in a team and what value you bring to the team through your communication style

  • 360 feedback profiles from team members

  • Data-based Team DyNAmics profile with an analysis of the 16 necessary elements and weighted percentages in terms of who can offer what behaviourally and technically

If you want your teams to gel, improve the way in which they work together and learn how to think collectively for the growth of the broader organisation, this is for you.