Management Training

We help your young managers transition into something more senior and rewarding - giving them the skills they may not have learnt in their career.

The six management challenges of 2023 have been identified as:

  • Work visibility

  • Team communication

  • Task delegation

  • Combating burnout

  • Change management

  • Conflict management

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We help managers deal with these challenges and much more. We offer a blended programme that includes facilitation, online coaching,  as well as technical team-building skills. Watch this space for our online/self-paced training coming soon!'

What we offer:

  • A full, facilitated programme covering all modules. 

  • Individual modules as Power Sessions (3 hours tops).

  •  Mix and match according to your needs. 

  •  Seminars and half-day workshops as well as Zoom/Teams sessions for managers who manage young Leadership. 

  •  Zoom training for individuals who want to join a group, but are not part of a team.

Implementing changes in management style to accommodate the attitudes of new managers can reap rewards both now and in the future.

Managing young managers in a way they understand can result in improved morale, decreased turnover, and better employee engagement. These changes may not be easy and may seem unnecessary—especially for older managers used to a different style.  However, incorporating these strategies is worth the effort.

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Modern Day Leadership 

that inspires and influences people to be their best.

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Critical Communication

 that teaches the art of having those tricky conversations.

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Mastery and Emotional Intelligence

that helps leaders understand their own and others’ emotions to build positive relationships.

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Trust, Autonomy and Creative Freedom

that grows careers and supports talent retention.

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Empowerment through Delegation 

that maximises talent and productivity.

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Moving Conflict to Productive Energy and Innovation

that transforms differences into strengths.

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Cognitive Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

that fosters an understanding of culture, race, religion, and LGBTQIA+ and harnesses variety.

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The Art of Managing Time and Pressure

to teach you to combat “Sunday Scaries” and get on top of the never-ending day.

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Leading the Hybrid Workspace

that will ensure you know how to guide those who report to you are more productive, creative and committed.

Sounds Great, what's included?

Indulge yourself in an innovative learning experience with CorporateWise should you choose our full programme.

Our training programmes are designed to be both engaging and informative, and we offer a variety of perks to make your learning experience even more enjoyable.

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  • Funky venues: We hold our training programmes in stylish and unique locations, so you can enjoy your learning in a fun and relaxed environment. Training can also take place at your offices if this is more convenient.

  • Cuisine that suits everyone's needs: We offer a variety of food options to accommodate all dietary requirements, so you can focus on learning without worrying about your next meal.

  • Environmentally friendly stationery: We use recycled and recyclable materials in our training programmes, so you can feel good about being part of a sustainable learning experience.

  • Goodie bag: You'll receive a complimentary goodie bag with fun and useful items to help you on your learning journey.

  • All course material: You'll receive all of the course material, as well as a USB with key points, so you can refer to it after the training programme is over. 

  • Tasks and feedback: You'll be given tasks to complete that will help you gain on-the-job knowledge. These tasks will be fed back to the group for discussion and feedback, so you can learn from each other.

  • Weekly individual coaching sessions: You'll have access to weekly individual coaching sessions with a qualified coach, so you can get personalised feedback and support on your learning journey.

 Get in touch today and start your learning journey with CorporateWise!