Moving Conflict to Productive Energy and Innovation
Location: Zoom - 17/11/2023, 15:30 - 17/11/2023, 17:30 (UTC) (2 hours)

Moving Conflict to Productive Energy and Innovation
Kathryn Lehnerdt

I have 20 years training experience in the corporate space and, in the last few years my focus has been on Management Training. I'm passionate about helping management teams move forward, and help people learn, grow, and evolve into future leaders. That's what inspires me.

I take a holistic approach to management development that includes coaching and team functionality. I use a technical method to determine work challenges and communication styles, which improves efficiency and effectiveness for both teams and the managers leading them.

Moving conflict to productive energy and innovation transforms differences into strengths. 

This module deals with conflict issues at work and how to overcome them.

When does conflict arise?

  • When two or more interdependent parties (individuals or groups) oppose each other.

  • When one party believes that the other party has some real or perceived power over it, can threaten it and can keep it from reaching its goal.

  • When conflicting parties have different value systems and perceive the same issue differently.

  • When one party desires an outcome that, if obtained, causes the other party not to obtain the outcome it seeks.

  • A conflict situation exists because both parties cannot obtain both outcomes simultaneously.