Course Feedback

Please respond to the following statements on the course *

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I will save time/effort/errors/defects doing my job because of this training.
I will be able to apply what I learned to my current/future tasks

Please respond to the following statements on course content *

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The stated objectives of the course represent the breadth and depth of subject area.
The course materials were useful (organised, easy to refer to, substantive) during the class.
The course included adequate theory and/or background.
The course included enough practice (hands-on tools, exercises or learning events).
Overall, the course content was excellent.

What aspects of the course have you found useful?

In which areas would you like to have spent more time?

Is there any part of the course that you would like to see improved?

What future training courses would you like to see offered?

What could CorporateWise do to improve the support provided for this course?

Any suggestions on how we might reach others who might benefit from this course?

Please respond to the following statements on the facilitator *

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Knowledge of the subject matter
Communicated the course material effectively
The facilitator encouraged delegates to participate in the course
Use of visual aids and practical examples

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