At CorporateWise, we deliver training that helps people evolve into better versions of themselves, both personally and professionally. The programmes are adapted to suit every organisation’s individual needs, taking each learner’s strengths and weaknesses into consideration.

Following an in-depth analysis into skills gaps, company values and the organisational culture, material is designed specifically to ensure sustainable return on investment.

*CorporateWise is accredited with ServicesSETA and its courses are aligned to ServicesSETA
unit standards unless otherwise stated. - Sample 1 for three columns

Corporate Wellness & Life Skills

Ensuring the development of healthy, balanced staff to reduce absenteeism, improve communication and foster better teamwork. The result? Top performance. - Sample 2 for three columns

Leadership & HR Management Workshops

Developing leaders who are equipped to handle the pressures of their positions, including conflict management, mentoring and coaching, disciplinary procedures and performance management. - Sample 3 for three columns

Administration & Sales Workshops

Growing admin skills to ensure effective organisation and communication, while developing sales teams that are keen negotiators and adept at presenting their offering; whether on the phone or in person. - Sample 3 for three columns

Other Courses

CorporateWise specialises in developing Soft Skills Workshops on request, according to the customer’s unique specifications. The team of experts adapts, creates and designs bespoke
learning material to ensure customers’ needs are met.