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The best teams function well as a unit.

The best teams function as a unit. With this in mind, our Team Building Workshop is
designed to build high performance teams. The first step in achieving this is to understand how each member of the team functions, and how they fit within the team as a whole. The second step is to use this knowledge to set realistic goals and enhance the team’s performance. 


Team mapping

Using Clarity 4D Profiling, CorporateWise brings real meaning to team building, ensuring
differences are understood, respected and overcome. Team Mapping empowers team
members to: 

  • Understand others better
  • Enhance a shared team identity
  • Support each other more effectively
  • Work more effectively as a team
  • Identify any new behaviours that would benefit the team. text and image block

The key is to recognise and value the differences in others. With the right tools at hand, employees can build a better rapport with each other, resulting in a culture of cohesion Depending on the gaps identified, and the client’s preferences, the training will cover a combination of: 

  • Goal Setting
  • Personal Mastery – Self-Awareness, Self-Responsibility
  • Effective Communication
  • Understanding the Importance of Being a Team Player
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Building Trust