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What is Personal Mastery?

Practising Personal mastery means that you are committed to the continuous improvement of everything that you do, in all areas of your life. Personal Mastery is the journey of tapping your full potential. When we understand who we are and how we operate, we become more efficient and effective at work and lead a more fulfilled and balanced life.

Personality Drivers

There are 5 basic personality drivers or standards – what are yours?

Do you have balance in your life?

Understanding balance and managing stress.

What are your strengths?

How can understanding your strengths improve teamwork and personal efficiency? 

How do you view the world? 

The Internal/External Locus of control. When you understand how you view the world, you are then able to shift this view to bring about positive change in both your work and personal life.

Communicating the changes effectively

Assertive communication techniques

Setting personal goals for overall effectiveness.