participating-in-meetings | CorporateWise

Aligned to Unit Standard - 13934

This workshop is designed for any staff member who is required to take minutes at a meeting and at the end of the workshop the learner will be able to:  

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the agenda of meetings   
  • Explain the purpose and objective of minutes of meetings  
  • Take minutes of meetings

The workshop covers the following: 

Preparing for a meeting    

Drawing up agendas 

  • Selecting the topics of discussion for the meeting
  • Prioritising the order of discussion
  • Distributing the agenda
  • Ensuring that the agenda has been received by participants

Taking minutes at a meeting 

  • Listening for main arguments
  • Summarising for minutes
  • Eliminating detail
  • Drafting and editing own work
  • Presentation of minutes
  • Distributing minutes