Management, Leadership & Human Resource Management Workshops

The manager's job is to plan, organize and coordinate. The leader's job is to inspire and motivate


Essential business basics – 18 credits

CorporateWise offers a credit bearing workshop that will give your staff the edge. We cover the fundamentals; the key factors that, when applied, result in success in the workplace.

This workshop is run over a three month period, with two training days per month.

People Management for Supervisors

This is a six day workshop, with an addtional day for prep and PoE one month later (following completion of summative assessments.) The six days can either be done successively, or over a six week period.

The course content is taken from the Further Education and Training Certificate: Generic Management - ID 57712.

Junior Leadership Skills (skills programme)

Aligned to Unit Standard 14667

The Junior Leadership Skills Workshop empowers participants to identify leadership behaviours, strengths and areas that require further development.

Supervisory Management 

Aligned to Unit Standard 242821

Our Supervisory Management Workshop was designed to develop both personal and practical management skills. From setting goals to making decisions, dealing with staff and facing the pressures of management, managers and supervisors need supervisory management skills to lead their teams to success.

How to Coach Your Staff Effectively

Ongoing in-house coaching is a critical component of continuous professional development. This Workshop empowers employers, managers and supervisors to coach their staff effectively. When the right coaching skills are applied, a real impact is made and general performance improved. In our coaching programmes we cover coaching basics, techniques and application.

Delivering Effective Business Presentations

Aligned to Unit Standard 119472

This Workshop is designed for anyone who is required to give presentations in the workplace and/or needs to improve their oral communication skills. The course content teaches participants to be more aware of their audience. With a full understanding of the purposes for communication, the presenters are able to adapt their style and language 
register to suit different situations. This gives them the confidence to listen and speak in
both formal and familiar settings.


Train the Trainer

Aligned to Unit Standard 117871

Our Train the Trainer Workshop is designed to facilitate learning by teaching people how to teach others. A variety of methods are used to develop trainers who are skilled, capable and adept at imparting knowledge.

Managing Disciplinary Enquiries 

(skills programme)

This Workshop is developed for HR managers and senior staff members who are required to conduct disciplinary hearings. It incorporates key focus areas that will ensure disciplinary procedures are managed correctly. It also develops the necessary skills needed to chair enquiries.

Performance Management

(skills programme)

The CorporateWise Performance Management Workshop is designed for HR managers and senior staff members who are required to conduct performance reviews. Prior to running each Workshop, the client’s KRAs/KPAs/KPIs are evaluated to ensure that we fully understand the organisation’s performance management requirements. As a result, a very targeted, tailored approach is taken.

Additional Services

Participants in the CorporateWise HRWise Courses are eligible to benefit from additional packages attached to this training. These packages include:

  • The provision of Standard Contracts/Policies and Procedures: Free
  • The provision of Personalised Contracts/Policies and Procedures: R660 per hour
  • General HR Support on Retainer: R1200 per month for two hours of support.