Do you staff have the essential, basic skills to ensure that they know how to behave with integrity in a business environment? Have they grasped the basics of customer advocacy, clear and professional writing skills and strong communication and presentation skills? 

CorporateWise offers a credit bearing workshop that will give your staff the edge. We cover the fundamentals; the key factors that, when applied, result in success in the workplace.. - Sample 1 for three columns

Block One

Business ethics and professional behaviour

  • Business ethics – Unit standard 113924 (2 credits)
    • Reflecting on own values and belief systems and how they influence own behaviour. 
    • Discussing how an individual`s ethics impact on the people around him/her. 
    • Explaining how an individual can behave ethically in a business context.
    • Demonstrate techniques for dealing with situations where own values and ethics conflict with work practice. 
  • Professional business behaviour – Unit standard 114959 (4 credits) 
    • Knowing how to behave in a business environment. 
    • Interpreting body language in a business context. 
    • Interacting with people in a business setting.
    • Assessing own professional behaviour in a business setting.. - Sample 2 for three columns

Block Two

Customer advocacy and essential writing skills

  • Customer service – Unit standard 114974 (2 credits)
    • Explaining customer service.
    • Engaging in an interaction with a customer.
    • Demonstrating communication skills in responding to a customer. 
    • Processing a query in order to respond to a customer need. 
  • Business writing skills (part 1) 
    • Write/sign for a specified audience and purpose 
    • Use language structures and features to produce coherent and cohesive texts for a wide range of contexts - Sample 3 for three columns

Block Three

Business writing and presentation skills

  • Business writing skills (Part 2)
    • Draft own writing/signing and edit to improve clarity and correctness 
  • Presentation skills - Unit standard 8974 (5 credits)
    • Respond critically yet sensitively as a listener
    • Analyse own responses to spoken texts and adjust as required
    • Use strategies to be an effective speaker in sustained oral interactions
    • Evaluate spoken discourse