Combining the powers of Personality Profiling (Clarity 4D) and the WISE Communication Model, this Workshop focuses on the development of effective Communication Techniques.
The Critical Communication Workshop helps employees find the right words in every situation. The outcome is that people are empowered to handle crucial, difficult or critical
conversations with tact, empathy and success. This Workshop covers the following key areas: 

  • The 4 Dimensions of Development
  • Exploring Our ‘Instinctive’ Selves
  • Building Perceptions Awareness
  • How to Handle Feedback: Both Positive and Negative
  • Using Colour to Understand the Different Preferences of Jungian Behaviour
  • Exploring Your Potential and Creating an Action Plan
  • The WISE Communication Model
    • Wisdom: understand your own communication style
    • Insight: understand the communication style of others for greater cohesion in your personal life, groups, meetings and at work 
    • State Story: understand how to construct your message effectively so that it is fully understood and correctly interpreted 
    • Execute: implement communication assertively and efficiently while ensuring relationships are enhanced

Clarity 4D Profiling

Clarity 4D Profiling features a combination of personality profiling and development programmes for the individual, partners, teams and corporations. It comprises a coaching
workbook, behavioural model and psychometric tool based on the work of Carl Jung. These Workshops are offered to both individuals and organisations:

For the Individual

A personal report is developed to explain, in layman’s terms, the person’s personality and how this may or may not affect his/her communication skills. The reports are easy to understand and give a global language of C O L O U R. They are effective in empowering the participant to:

  • Better understand themselves, their strengths and weaknesses
  • Better understand others with different preferences, expectations and desires
  • Better understand behaviours expected of them to meet the requirements of different situations – both personally and professionally
  • Blend their preferences with those of others for improved individual relationships, team dynamics, communication, harmony, effectiveness and sales performance 
  • Identify how personal influence can be enhanced by meeting others’ needs 
  • Rely on a framework, a common language, on which to base their interaction.

For the Client Organisation 

When tailored for the client organisation, Clarity 4D Profiling offers the following key benefits: 

  • Simplicity: Departing from the complicated psychometric models, Clarity 4D was designed to be understood easily by individuals and teams. 
  • Affordability: With a unique costing model, Clarity 4D is made affordable, ensuring that all levels of staff can be profiled, and the benefits are seen throughout the entire organisation.
  • Global: The online system is easily accessible, and requires participants to answer only 20 questions. 
  • Effective: Participants are asked to complete the questionnaire with an “instinctive” hat rather than a “work” hat. This ensures that they learn how to adapt their communication style to meet the needs of other individuals and that of the work environment.

The profiles can be used as self-coaching tools, in appraisals, and for on-going learning and development. They can also be used effectively in leadership and management
development workshops that focus on: 

  • Personal Development 
  • Team Development
  • Sales Training
  • Appraisals
  • Senior Management Strategy Meetings
  • Culture Change
  • Coaching
  • Recruitment