Corporate Wellness & Life Skills

Employee wellness has become an essential part of many organisations. When employees are emotionally and physically healthy they perform better, are motivated and both absenteeism and presenteeism statistics decrease.


Corporate Wellness

Aligned to Unit Standards 242819 and 254239

The Corporate Wellness Course comprises a Wellness and Team Building Workshop, facilitated by Kathryn Lehnerdt and former Mr Universe and owner of Body Future, Trevor Van Schalkwyk.

Team Building with Clarity 4D

The best teams function as a unit. With this in mind, our Team Building Workshop is designed to build high performance teams. The first step in achieving this is to understandhow each member of the team functions, and how they fit within the team as a whole. The second step is to use this knowledge to set realistic goals and enhance the team’s performance.


Emotional Intelligence & Personal Mastery

Aligned to Unit Standard 252031 and 13912

The Emotional Intelligence and Personal Mastery Workshop is specifically designed to help  participants understand what emotional intelligence is. It illustrates not only the definition, but also the benefits of a high Emotional Quotient (EQ). Developing Emotional Intelligence benefits working relationships, while ensuring that we better understand ourselves. 

Critical Communication

Combining the powers of Personality Profiling (Clarity 4D) and the WISE Communication Model, this Workshop focuses on the development of effective Communication Techniques. The Critical Communication Workshop helps employees find the right words in every situation. The outcome is that people are empowered to handle crucial, difficult or critical conversations with tact, empathy and success.

Time & Pressure Management

In the workplace, poor time management often leads to greater stress levels. When deadlines are missed or tasks are constantly being completed at the last minute, workplace pressure is exponentially increased. Time is not, however, the only contributor to stress at work; which is something that must be managed effectively to prevent the breakdown of both the individual and the team.

Problem Solving & Decision Making (skills programme)

In the workplace, employees of all levels are often faced with problems, obstacles that must
be overcome, and decisions that must be made (whether large or small). This Problem Solving and Decision Making Workshop is designed to help participants build the skills they need to do this effectively.

Conflict Resolution 

Aligned to Unit Standard 114226

Conflict, whether in your personal life or at the office, is a huge stressor and can lead to explosive situations. The CorporateWise Conflict Resolution Workshop is designed to teach learners how to identify conflict, and manage its resolution in a diplomatic way.