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During the twelve weeks employees will be taught a range of skills from how to manage stress management, healthy eating to personal mastery and assertive communication. After each session, delegates will be given an exercise/task to do for the week. The goal is to teach delegates how to develop life skills which will enable them to be better equipped with life and work stress and, in doing so, become more efficient and effective employees. Each delegate will receive stationery, handouts and notes and a toolkit to assist them and keep them on track.

Note - each module can be adapted to form longer workshops that can be conducted over a half or one day period.


  1. Personal mastery, motivation and goal setting
  2. Emotional intelligence and handling conflict
  3. Life balance and time management
  4. Discover and maximise on your strengths
  5. Assertive communication techniques
  6. Healthy eating for healthy living
  7. The importance of movement and exercise – tips to make it easy
  8. Create a budget – manage and save
  9. Green your life – help reduce carbon footprint
  10. The power of positive thinking – how to change your thought patterns
  11. Staying in the present moment and making a difference in your own life and the lives of others
  12. Committing to change and creating life/work balance