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Companies are spending vast amounts of money on soft skills or business skills improvement initiatives annually, but industry research provides limited evidence that these investments are attaining sustainable results for the most part. More often than not, business skills training is put on the backburner and used only if there is surplus training budget or a knee-jerk reaction to company performance.

Some of the barriers to not attaining a higher return on training investment include forcing learning into intensive limited time frames that do not support retention, and a disconnect between training curriculum and required business competencies.  One-off training rarely provides sufficient exposure for real skills transfer or the application thereof in the working environment.

The key to successful business skills leadership is to consider the job role competencies required versus the skill actually available within the organisation, which in turn leads to addressing the skills gap effectively.

Enter the continual learning process.

A combination of pre-and post-training assessments, controlled learning events, on-demand learning, ‘push’ reinforcement, on the job learning and review/coaching sessions offer the best solution to ensure business performance is enhanced.

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The benefits of this approach are numerous: improved knowledge transfer, retention and application, optimal use of time and investment, reduced pressure on managers offering ongoing coaching, unlimited learning experiences, and measurable return on investment.

Corporate Wise can assist you in making a legitimate commitment to a continual learning strategy – one that moves away from a collection of good ideas to tangible action, and translating these best practices into a formal program for learning and development aligned to your business processes to maximise ROI. 

With more than 15 years’ experience in the business skills training area, CorporateWise has adopted such an approach and believes that the challenges of the future for successful companies demands nothing less for agile excellence.

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