communicating-in-a-business-environment | CorporateWise

Aligned to Unit Standards 12153 and119472

This course is suitable for supervisors, lower and middle management levels. It is particularly relevant for employees needing to communicate to clients and colleagues in writing.

Writing Skills 

  • Write for a specific purpose and audience.
  • Use grammatical structures and writing conventions to produce coherent and cohesive texts for specific contexts.
  • Adapt language to suit the context.
  • Draft and edit own writing.
  • Use the various formats of written communication in a business environment: business/formal letters; facsimiles; memos; reports; work related documents.
  • E-mail etiquette in the workplace 

Oral communication

Communicating orally with people requires many of the same skills as writing to them: 

  • How your message is communicated: 
  • Verbal – the message and the medium
  • Vocal – your voice/voice production
  • Visual – how you present yourself and the aids you use 
  • Barriers to communication 
  • The various factors that affect oral the success of oral communication.