assertive-communication-techniques | CorporateWise

Aligned to Unit Standard - 9506 

The purpose of this workshop is to teach learners to identify assertive behaviour, realise the value thereof and practice some assertiveness techniques.

Delegates who complete this course will be able to: 

  • Identify assertive behaviour and discuss the advantages, 
  • understand the importance of assertiveness as an important tool to use to communicate effectively
  • use different techniques to be assertive

This course looks at the process and background of communication and how to communicate effectively using assertive techniques and covers the following:

  • Understanding the process of communication and structuring messages
  • Understanding outcomes required in communication and how to achieve them
  • Improving communication techniques by opening your own communication – Johari Window
  • Understanding what motivates you and others and incorporating this into the communication process – communication style
  • Exploring emotional intelligence and how it affects communication
  • Learning to communicate assertively, controlling emotions and with empathy
  • Assertive communication techniques – effective use of “I” messaging
  • Positive and negative language – affect or influence
  • Relationship building – recognising trust traps and learning how to avoid them
Also included:
  • Voice and voice production
  • Listening skills
  • Body language
  • Stress facts