Administration & Sales Workshops

These workshops are designed to assist staff who work in an administrative capacity ranging from reception to sales. Each workshop can be customised to suit the needs of the organisation and, while the workshops are aligned to unit standards, modules are interchangeable for example; one can combine reception skills with assertive communication and client care with sales


Powerful Reception & Telephone Skills

Aligned to Unit Standard 14348

Powerful Reception and Telephone Skills are essential in an administrative position. This Workshop is designed to develop the skills necessary to promote a professional image on the telephone and at the front desk. This is the first point of contact that visitors or customers will have with the organisation, so a confident, professional approach is crucial.

Communication for Support

(short course)

This half-day Workshop is designed to help participants understand the various aspects to effective communication. This feeds into exploring emotional intelligence and how to better manage their own language to avoid or resolve conflict. The Workshop covers the following:

  • The Process of Communication

  • The Process of Structuring Messages

  • Outcomes Required in Communication and How to Achieve Them

  • Your Natural Communication Style and How to Use it Effectively

  • Improving Communication Techniques Using Johari’s Window

  • Emotional Intelligence and How it Affects Communication

  • Recognising Trust Traps and Learning How to Avoid Them

  • Positive and Negative Language: Practicing Positive Communication

Effective Meeting & Listening Skills

(short course)

In the work environment, listening skills go a long way to ensure team cohesion and good  relationships. In any organisation, meeting skills are as important. Our Effective Meeting and
Listening Skills Workshop seeks to give participants the tools they need to achieve this. This is a half-day Workshop which covers:

  • Listening in Meetings

  • Preparing for a Meeting

  • Tips for Leading Meetings Effectively

  • Tips for Participating in Meetings Effectively

Body Language for Effective Communication

(short course)

Many people don’t realise that much of our communication actually happens non-verbally. When people are not aware of their own body language, they can often display hostile or aggressive cues. This can lead to problems with effective communication, as the person or people that they are communicating with will take a defensive approach. This half-day Workshop is designed to create greater awareness of the use of body language in effective communication. The Workshop covers the following topics:

  • Understanding Body Language

  • How Your Body Language Impacts Your Communication

  • How to Use Body Language Effectively to Support Good Communication


Negotiation Skills

Aligned to Unit Standard 13948

The CorporateWise Negotiation Skills workshop was developed for managers of small businesses and junior managers of business units in larger organisations. Participants will be better able to manage negotiation in the workplace with a full understanding of the process involved. 

Telesales techniques

Aligned to Unit Standard 10353

This comprehensive half-day Workshop builds essential skills for any person involved in outbound sales. It is therefore suitable for sales staff who rely on the telephone for sales, such as telesales personnel.
Learners will acquire fundamental, usable skills that will help them improve their telesales. They will learn how to become a confident presenter on the telephone and increase their performance and sales. 

Delivering Effective Business Presentations

Aligned to Unit Standard 119472

The core element of this Workshop is presentation skills. As such, the Workshop is relevant to anyone who is required to give presentations or needs to improve their oral communications skills. It is geared towards developing the confidence and capabilities required to give good presentations, and to stand up in front of an audience and speak well. These are also extremely helpful competencies for self-development and for use in social situations.

The course content teaches delegates to be more aware of their audience. With a full understanding of the purposes for communication, the presenters are able to adapt their style and language register to suit different situations. This gives them the confidence to listen and speak in both formal and familiar settings.