"Not another Teambuilding event"

High performance teams can benefit from teambuilding


Richard Lehnerdt

Our fun-filled team building events provide a powerful and enlightening personal learning experience, based on the teaching of Carl Jung and Hippocrates and, because it is simple and about colour, people recognise, remember and apply the principles in their interactions with others, as well as in their personal development. This will enable teams to:

  • Understand other members of the team better;
  • Enhanced shared team identity;
  • Support each other more effectively;
  • Work more effectively as a team; and
  • Identify any new behaviours that would benefit the team. :
  • Recognise and value the differences in others
  • Have the tools to build closer rapport with others
  • Have a framework, a common language, on which to base future interaction
  • Motivate and encourage the team during challenging times
  • Identify preferred ways of communicating together
  • Build collaboration and co-operation
  • Create action plans for effective future teamwork
  • Raise self-awareness and the impact of our behaviour on others
  • Reduce risk of demotivated staff, errors, missed deadlines, wasting time and resources
  • Understand each other better using colour;
  • Increase awareness of why different team members respond the way they do to different situations;
  • Support each other more effectively and allocate tasks more appropriately within the team;
  • Recognise preferred behaviours of the team as a whole;
  • Identify behaviours the team might want to enhance or start using; and
  • Set a team vision, refine goals or adopt certain working practices.